This list may make you not so quick to judge...

Today on Girl Talk Elder Vikki Johnson reminds us that depression doesn’t have rule over us when we have the Son! She tells us to walk up right with our heads held high and remind depression that it can’t win! Check out the entire commentary here:

On today’s Beauty and Health Segment, Make Up Artist to the Stars Kym Lee tells us how to Spring clean our cosmetics bags. Kym shares how bacteria can breed in our cosmetics and how dangerous that is for our skin. Check out the full segment!

Music legend Smokey Robinson reached out to a new generation of performing artists Friday, telling them they were starting out as he did: “with a love for doing something creative.” Robinson, 72, visited Duke Ellington School of the Arts, named for the jazz great whose music Robinson said was the first he heard in his […]

Today Pastor CJ Blair addresses the affects of absentee Fathers. After helping his daughter work on a Black History Project it dawned on him how we are missing modern day heroes and the lack of actual role models in our churches. Check out the full commentary and share your thoughts: If you have a question […]

While Spring is rapidly approaching us this season Celebrity Make Up Artist, Kym Lee tells us that “peach” is the color for the season. Bold Colors are in for hair and clothing so soften up your make up a bit with a warm peach color. Check out her full commentary here: Also, if you have […]

Today on Girl Talk Elder Vikki Johnson reminds us that as women we are royalty! So girl….walk like it, talk like it and live the queen that you are! Check out the full commentary: Also, if you have a question for Elder Vikki Johnson you can text them to Girl Talk at 64636.

Via Elev8 After winning Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG and Critics’ Choice Awards for her role in The Help, Octavia Spencerwon a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing feisty maid Minny Jackson. “I have to thank my families. My family in Alabama — the state of Alabama,” she said in her acceptance speech. ” My L.A. family watching […]

Christian artist, Anthony Evans, graced the stage of NBC’s Talent Competition, “The Voice”. Anthony is the son of Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX, is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles. Pastor Evans also serves a spiritual father and Pastor to Kirk Franklin. Franklin, who […]

On today’s Girl Talk Moment, Elder Vikki Johnson, reminds us that God is Love and he has everything to do with it! Check out the full segment! If you have a question for Elder Vikki Johnson, you can text them to GIRLTALK at 64636 (after texting GIRLTALK text your question)! We’ll address them in weeks […]

Via Elev8 There are moments captured on  film which leave an invaluable social etching on the soul of society. Gospel music is one form of music that has been used over the years in movies to set the tone. The  Academy Awards  will be held this weekend rewarding the greatest moments on film. There is […]

Comediane Veda Howard talks about how she knew she was called to bring joy to people. Check out my interview with her as she tells us what to expect during the Radio One Family Comedy Tour. Reach out to Veda at and purchase your tickets at