The suspect, a fellow university student, has been taken into police custody.

Racine said the team and league violated D.C. consumers' rights based on what they knew about the organization's workplace misconduct, alleging Snyder lied about his knowledge of the situation.

The commitment to safety for Black students on college campuses across the country needs to be prioritized.  The post The Importance Of Prioritizing Safety For Black Students On College Campuses appeared first on NewsOne.

Paul Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery following a home invasion early Friday morning, where the male assailant attacked him with a hammer.

After disturbing video of a woman being attacked and pushed off a DC Metrobus, Kyla Thurston speaks out about her attack...

HBCU homecoming season is in full swing and while the celebrations of these historic institutions take center stage, instances of violence can easily derail the fun and shift the narrative away from what these homecomings truly represent. The post HBCU Homecoming Violence Highlights Complex Issue Of Safety At Black Colleges appeared first on NewsOne.

The Tow truck car thieves are still out there! So far this year over 2,700 cars have been stolen in D.C...

A popular restaurant in Prince George’s County is receiving some backlash after a customer was found dead in the women’s restroom and the establishment remained open during the entire ordeal. According to reports, the incident happened on Oct. 12 at Jasper’s Restaurant in Upper Marlboro. The woman was attending a family reunion planning session before […]

In order to bring the full story together of the horrific events on Jan 6th, the committee voted unanimously to subpoena the former President Donald Trump.

"The original attack was targeted and carried out by armed gang members who act without conscience, who have no regard for life," Commissioner Trevor Botting said.

A substitute driver with Prince William County Public Schools arrived late to drop off students from Covington-Harper Elementary in Dumfries and ran over the leg of one of his neighbors last Tuesday, according to parents.

The U.S. Park Police arrested Shaun Ray Deaton, 44, from Bloomington, Indiana, for allegedly vandalizing the outside base of the Washington Monument...