Pastor Harry Johannes Knoesen of the National Christian Resistance Movement was found guilty of treason for plotting to kill South Africans.

Gun violence is a plague not only in the United States, but across the globe. On Sunday (June 5), gunmen killed dozens of people in a church attack in Southwest Nigeria in the city of Owo. According to the Associated Press, the shooters opened fire on worshippers in a Catholic church, while there were […]

An 8-year-old Black boy from Portsmouth, New Hampshire was shot and killed in Florence County, South Carolina on May 28, by a white man who was randomly shooting at cars driving by his house.

The charge of Domestic Acts of Terrorism Motivated by Hate in the First Degree was brought against Payton Gendron "because of the perceived race and/or color” of the people he targeted, according to the indictment.

Ben Crump is set on suing everyone involved in the Buffalo shooting tragedy, including the gun manufacturer and even the shooter's parents.

At least 14 children and one teacher were killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in the nation's latest deadly mass shooting.

Another day, another tragic story to report. While the nation is still reeling from the deadly mass shooting that took place in Buffalo, New York on May 14th, news of another causality scenario has made its way around the web.

A Black woman fell victim to a verbal attack by a racist white man, which led to him punching her over 10 times at a Florida gas station.

Isaiah Lee says he attacked Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles because of his anti-LGBTQ and pedophile jokes.

New York corrections officer Gregory C. Foster II was suspended for mocking Buffalo shooting victims with a meme. He previously earned nearly $200,000. The post CO Suspended For Buffalo Shooting Meme Earned $200K appeared first on NewsOne.

Aaron Salter Jr., a 30-year veteran of the Buffalo Police department, was being remembered as "a hero" who prevented more deaths in Saturday's racist mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Here's what we know about all of the victims.

D.C. filed a lawsuit in January 2020 alleging that Trump's inaugural committee improperly spent nonprofit funds.