A federal grand indicted the four former Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd's arrest and death, stating that they violated Floyd's constitutional rights after he was arrested and restrained by the use of excessive, deadly force. 

We hear about the hero frontline workers during the pandemic such as doctors, nurses, hospital workers as well as grocery store works that made sure we all ate during the shelter in place.  But we don’t hear nearly as much about the ones that fed our shopping desire while we were sheltered in the

Minnesota prosecutors want Derek Chauvin to get a stiffer penalty for killing George Floyd than prescribed by law because of his "particular cruelty."

On April 17, cellphone footage of an Ohio man threatening to shoot a black woman with an assault rifle landed online. Now, James Rhodes, the man seen in the video, has been charged with a hate crime and a motion has been filed to evict him from his home. According to court documents, the 53-year-old […]

Potter initially resigned from the police department on Tuesday (April 13), two days after the shooting death of Wright.

Cariol Horne, a Black former police officer in Buffalo, New York, who was fired more than 14 years ago after she tried to stop a fellow cop from choking a handcuffed Black man, has had her termination annulled.

Disciplinary action was handed down after an Asian American woman was assaulted during a vicious, hate-fueled attack last week in New York City.

The girls, ages 13 and 15, will soon receive plea-bargain offers from a prosecutor in the D.C. attorney general's office although a trial could still be possible.

A Davenport, Florida couple has been arrested and charged with fraudulently obtaining $5.8 million in COVID-19 relief money to buy luxury cars, Louis Vuitton, and other over-the-top items that could never afford.

Here's what we know about Noah Green, the 25-year-old Indiana man who was killed by Capitol police after ramming his vehicle into a security checkpoint barricade.

The events took place on Friday afternoon after a vehicle rammed into a barricade outside of a U.S. Capitol security checkpoint.

 David Pleoger then testified on day four of the trial that he believes the officers who restrained George Floyd could have ended it after he stopped resisting.