Chodhury will replace Dr. Karen Salmon who is retiring June 30.

The average American IQ is 98 but 2-year-old Kashe Quest from California has an IQ of 146 and became the youngest member of American Mensa after scoring in the top two percent of the U.S. population...

“Chad was a very proud Bison." Boseman's wife shares as the new 'Chadwick Boseman College of Fine Arts' name was revealed, "his legacy will continue to inspire young storytellers for years to come."

To honor the current graduates and give a special shout-out to our HBCU family, check out a handful of famous folk who represent Historically Black Colleges and Universities in everything they do.

Oakland Technical High School teen Ahmed Muhammad is the school's new history-breaking valedictorian, becoming the first Black male in his school's 106-year history to rank top honors.


A handful of Florida students may never get to read Jewell Parker Rhodes' powerful novel 'Ghost Boys' after two fifth grade classrooms had the book removed from the curriculum following a complaint by the Fraternal Order of Police in Broward County. 


William Tate IV has been appointed to become Louisiana State University’s president; making him the first Black person to assume the position in the school’s 161-year history.

The Old School all remember when Black History month was just a day, so we have come a long way by getting the shortest month of the year but Derek Floyd being murdered by ex-police officer Derek Chauvin has highlighted the need for much more than just a month. But did you know that there […]

Good News

Rapper Big Sean and his mother Myra Anderson are launching a video series for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Good News

Songstress Ciara and her husband NFL player Russell Wilson surprised a group of Seattle-based middle school students with money management tips for Financial Literacy Month.

Some school systems are already planning to go back to a normal schedule in the fall.


Spelman College recently hit a major milestone with the highest application pool in the all-women HBCU’s 140-year history.