Popular banking alternative Cash App is currently investigating a major glitch in their operations that are causing their customers to be double-charged for their transactions. As reported by USA Today, Cash App’s in-app and phone support system were also down on Monday as users were looking for answers. Users took to social media to vent […]

One Twitter user used Chat GPT to find which industries will likely not be effected by AI and robots. Check out a list of careers inside.


Self-expression and storytelling are among the primary objectives that young aspiring activists seek to achieve online. FG Trade via Getty Images When it comes to social media use among young people, very often the concern is about potential harm. Parents, policymakers and others worry that online platforms like Instagram and TikTok may compromise children’s privacy, […]

We’ve put together a list of things Black writers should know before they dive into the world of ChatGPT. The post 4 Things Black Writers Need To Know Before Using ChatGPT appeared first on NewsOne.

The unique class will feature a virtual workspace where teachers and students can gather for lectures and coursework. The post Morehouse To Offer Groundbreaking Black History Course In The Metaverse appeared first on NewsOne.


Brooklyn-bred mogul Jay-Z has invested in a Black-led finance app.


The Los Angeles Board of Water and Power Commissioners has invested $5 million in HBCUs to increase representation in the engineering industry.

Written and directed by Anatola Araba, "Afro-Algorithms" is a visually stunning exploration into alternatives to addressing algorithmic bias.  

Thankfully, due to the power of Google, we're able to find answers to the world's most pressing questions, even those about Black people.

Another win for Black History Month! Snapchat launched its #CelebrateBlackVoices challenge on Spotlight in honor of Black History Month. The social media platform will give Snapchatters an opportunity to win a share of $10,000 by creating a video Snap showcasing how they celebrate Black voices. Learn more inside.

Instagram is bringing back a new version of its original chronological feed next year. Users have been begging the social media platform to return to its initial format for years. Read more details inside.

Currently, the algorithm is sorted by posts based on user preferences.