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The project was led through the Orlando Magic center’s philanthropic imprint, the Mo Bamba Foundation. Construction for the state-of-the-art basketball courts started in April. The sports facility will serve over 200 children daily. The post NBA Player Mohamed Bamba Creates Basketball Facility For Youth In West Africa appeared first on NewsOne.

Watkins and Yolander Smith were two strangers when they met in the hot tub during the 2011 Fantastic Voyage and, well, the rest is history!

Monkeypox outbreaks are increasing throughout the United States and multiple countries around the world.

Environmental Activist Francia Marquez will become Colombia's first Black female vice president following the country's historic presidential vote for leftist politician, Gustavo Petro.

Homeland Security's largest federal law enforcement agency is now under investigation for a challenge coin.


Dr. Farah Fourcand is among at least 11 other women representing Black nations.

A church in Owo, Nigeria was subject to a mass shooting this past Sunday (June 5) when assailants opened fire & killed least 50.


Gun violence is a plague not only in the United States, but across the globe. On Sunday (June 5), gunmen killed dozens of people in a church attack in Southwest Nigeria in the city of Owo. According to the Associated Press, the shooters opened fire on worshippers in a Catholic church, while there were […]

When you think of the people from Australia, you rarely think of Black people, and for good reason; most of the continent is white. But what if I told you that it didn’t start that way and that the first people to roam the lands of Australia were Black migrants who arrived on the continent […]

Puerto Rico just can’t catch a break. The majority of the island is still without electricity after a major power grid caught fire. As per The New York Times the territory once known as La Isla Boriqua is still on a very slow pace to getting back to normalcy after a fire ravaged a power plant […]

The good people over at Hampton University are showing love to students currently suffering in Ukraine by offering a full ride to come study at the HBCU's campus in Virginia this summer.


While these seem pretty extreme given how relaxed the U.S. response to the omicron variant has been, it's nothing compared to how Chinese authorities were allegedly caught on video basically kidnapping citizens who they thought were infected with Covid