Praise On Demand

Godly Knowlege is POWER! Learn how to avoid being manipulating with this #FirstMondays podcast by Pastor Martino.  

Fit & Flow Yoga w/Sherrell. Surrender to your strength and Embrace your flow. Visit her website for more:  

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Fit & Flow w/Sherrell. Visit her website for more:  

Check out the full video here:​

Gentle standing yoga flow for beginners. Gentle flow to get energy moving throughout the body. If you’re short on time then this is a great flow to energize the arms, legs, and back while standing.

Taking command of our lives begins with taking care of our days. As we take command of of our day and our lives we must build our day with specific qualities. These qualities ensure we have control and not the enemy. What are these qualities? How do we take the next step?  

Praise On Demand

Pastor William McDowell dropped by the Praise 104.1 studio today to air his latest single, “Send the Rain.” This single is the first song to be released off of his upcoming album which is set to debut sometime this summer. Listen to his song below

Gentle seated yoga flow for beginners. Gentle flow to relax and reflect. If you’re short on time then this is a great flow to loosen the neck, back, and legs while seated.

To take command of our lives we must take commands from THE COMMANDER who controls our lives and then command your life (HIS life in you) according to HIS commands. So how can we begin to “Take Command of Our Life”? Watch Below!