It's official! The Washington Wizards' All-Star guard Bradley Beal has decided to continue his NBA career in DC!

The 2022 NBA Draft kicked went down last night (Thursday, June 23) in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. While the top five players may not have gone in the order everyone was expecting, there were enough twists and turns throughout the night to keep even the most nonchalant basketball fans on the edge of their seat. Putting […]

The Wisconsin native is the first player from the University of Wisconsin selected in the NBA Draft since 2015! CONGRATS AGAIN TO JOHNNY & WELCOME TO D.C.

The Brooklyn Nets might have bitten off more than they can chew with Kyrie Irving. There are now talks that Irving returning to the Nets is not a guarantee and some other eyebrow-raising behavior. 

Another bright star has been dimmed too soon. Houston Baptist confirmed men's basketball star Darius Lee was tragically gunned down while attending a gathering in New York City. 

A jersey worn by the late Kobe Bryant is the latest piece of sports memorabilia to fetch a ridiculous amount of money. 

LeBron James has officially cemented his GOAT status in basketball after being deemed the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

The Golden State Warriors head coach called for changes to gun control laws, which he's done in times past.

Good News

NBA star Stephen Curry has completed his studies at Davidson College, 13 years after being drafted into the NBA.

Longtime basketball fans suffered a sad loss yesterday following news confirming the death of NBA Hall Of Famer Bob Lanier at the age of 73.

NBC Sports Washington's Chase Hughes shares with the ladies of the Triple W Podcast how his sports media journey started, what caused the friction with the team before the trade deadline, gives his HOT TAKE on the future for Washington Wizards plus more!