Following Jeremy Lin's claim that he was called "coronavirus" on the court, the NBA G League quickly sprung into action and handled the situation.


It often takes awhile for people to recognize the future when they see it, especially in the NBA. Whether it’s because no one sees someone's greatness because they play for a team in a small market, they haven’t shown their skills in the playoffs, or their award room is still empty, some of the best players of today were overlooked yesterday. The most underrated guards in the NBA have already proved themselves to be worthy, it’s just a matter of the world recognizing it and giving them their due.

Shaq's colleague Charles Barkley compared the duo of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to O'Neal and the late, great Kobe Bryant, but the Big Petty silently balked after Chuck made the statement.

The Triple W (Dub) Podcast Hosts; Carita, Bre, Candi, and Becca get to know Chris Miller better as he shares how his sports media journey started, his passions outside of Basketball and more!

Russell Westbrook has changed teams, but the leader of the "Why Not?" movement's energy remains the same.

The safety of the players and staff comes first and as more and more positive results are coming out, decisions are needed to be made. If not, the COVID domino effect will continue to tumble through the NBA.

Recently Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant, Chicago Bulls' Tomas Satoransky, Sacramento Kings' Seth Curry, and now, Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal will have to sit out and quarantine until all results are back, as a part of the league's Coronavirus protocol.

After a very disappointing start to this shortened season, the Washington Wizards earn their first win tonight. So the Wizards are now 2021!