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James Fortune is Number 1 AGAIN this week on the Billboard Airplay Charts! Charles Jenkin’s remake “Never Knew” featuring Stephanie Mills is #2 for a second week in a row and Tye Tribbett’s “New” has one of the greatest gains on the chart this week. November 2021, MNRK Music Group and GRAMMY nominated artist James […]

PEACE AND QUIET Peace and Quiet.  Just saying those words together can bring comfort.  It can also bring despair, if they seem out of reach.  How, oh how can we claim them? Through righteousness comes peace, quietness, and assurance.  Forever.  It’s a big word, righteousness, and one you may have shield away from.  If so, […]

  When the iconic Sheila E. is found vibing to your smash hit “Get Up” , you know you have a hit on your hands.  In fact, two-time Grammy-, Soul Train Music-, Stellar-, and Dove Award-winning Tye Tribbett entire project All Things New has that kind of affect!  The musical powerhouse is one of the […]

SHELTERED Like an eagle, God shelters us beneath his wings from storms and attacks.  The image is powerful, yet also tender.  How wonderful it is to be tucked in, right up against him, absorbing his warmth. Do you rest in this promise of protection, or do you struggle, always poking your head out to see […]

Dr. Mike Freeman Talks About Why Kim Burrell Will Not Step Down After Offensive Comments

What was your last random act of kindness? Whether you bought a homeless man a burger, donated to dig a new well in Africa, or simply smiled at a stranger in the produce aisle, these impulses are evidence of the Spirit at work in your life. The more we tune into God, the more he […]

This week on the Community Affairs Show, Cheryl Jackson talks with Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice of the District of Columbia, Christopher Geldart.  Deputy Mayor Geldart shares how The District is employing a number of engagement strategies this summer to increase safety for residents and visitors including their 202 for Peace Campaign and […]

UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE If she gossiped less.  If he shared his feelings more.  It’s easy, isn’t it, to list the ways other people could change for the better?  We know we are called to live in harmony with one another, but our “others” can really make it difficult. But we need to accept one another as […]

James Fortune is Number 1 this week on the Billboard Airplay Charts!  November 2021, MNRK Music Group and GRAMMY nominated artist James Fortune released the single, “Never Let Me Down”.  James said this is his 13th #1 hit as a writer and/or artist (8 as an artist). Now residing in Birmingham and a living testimony […]

For the second week in a row Fred Hammond, James Fortune and Charles Jenkins remains in the top three positions. 

This week on the Community Affairs Show Cheryl Jackson speaks with the Director of The District of Columbia Housing Authority, Brenda Donald.  Born and raised here in DC, Donald shares the vision and mission to preserve, rehabilitate and redevelop Public Housing in DC.  They have created a plan to focus on people, properties and program […]