Baltimore we can be proud for the moment. No mureders since the “Cease Fire” has begun. I can only hope that this wave of love can continue throughout the month and into the Spring and Summer. Let’s all keep praying together and push loving each other. Big shout out to the “Baltimore Cease Fire” initiative. […]

What was originally thought to be a weekend shutdown has now turned into 4 weeks of of shutdown for riders of the Metro Subwaylink. Originally, the northwest leg of the subway track (Owings Mills) was closed due to results found during a safety inspection. They had to do emergency repairs. During further evaluation, inspectors found […]

The northwest section of Baltimore’s Subway system will remain closed for weeks after inspectors found the tracks need emergency repairs. The entire MTA Metro Subwaylink system has already been closed all weekend because track work needed to be done immediately. “We’ve got a 36-year-old system that’s exposed to the elements day in and day out,” […]

Imagine a world where you could go to college for FREE. If you want to go to school in MD at a community college, that could happen. According to Fox Baltimore, there are two bills being proposed for free tuition if you attend a Maryland Community College. Senator Ronald N. Young’s bill would require students to […]

Here is a list of all the people we lost at The Pentagon during the tragedy that was 9/11.

Today we remember the life and legacy of The Godfather of GoGo, Chuck Brown!