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20 Quirky Bags To Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe  was originally published on

1. Watermelon Backpack

Watermelon Backpack

2. Champagne Bag

Champagne Bag

3. Snail Bag

Snail Bag

4. Emoji Bag

Emoji Bag

5. Piñata Bag

Piñata Bag

6. Tech Clutch

Tech Clutch

7. Say My Name Bag

Say My Name Bag

8. Watermelon Tote

Watermelon Tote

9. Milk Bag

Milk Bag

10. Party Bag

Party Bag

11. Fan Clutch

Fan Clutch

12. Cat Ears Bag

Cat Ears Bag

13. Lime Clutch

Lime Clutch

14. Frog Bag

Frog Bag

15. Lips Clutch

Lips Clutch

16. Pop Clutch

Pop Clutch

17. Robot Clutch

Robot Clutch

18. Flower Pot Bag

Flower Pot Bag

19. Kitty Clutch

Kitty Clutch

20. Chips Clutch

Chips Clutch