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Geminis celebrities we love

Source: Leon Bennett / Getty

Hey Geminis, it’s your time to shine! We are two weeks into the sign’s reign, so they’re in full celebratory mode. Geminis are known for their social personalities and ability to retain information about random topics. It’s not far-fetched to find yourself in a heated debate with the air sign because debating and playing devil’s advocate runs in their blood. People consider them a know-it-all, but that’s because they’re busy educating themselves on various topics. The Gemini symbol is the twin because they can embody both sides of a coin. They’re often dubbed two-faced, but the truth is they wear both faces proudly.

There are tons of stylish Geminis in the entertainment industry. From Naomi Campbell to Venus Williams, the Gemini clan knows a thing or two about fashion. Whether they are flexing on the red carpet or frolicking about their day casually, they do it with a fashionable purpose that can’t be denied. Geminis are known for rocking to the beat of their drum, and when it comes to putting together looks, they play no games.

Scroll below to see the six stylish celebrity Geminis we admire.


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1. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Source:Getty

Naomi Campbell is the queen of style. This beauty has been a fashion muse for years. The clothes never wear Campbell; she wears them. 

2. Normani

Normani Source:Getty

Normani is a winner when it comes to serving body and style. The songstress is no stranger to fabulously dressing her chocolate skin. Thus far, her ensembles have been all hits, no misses. 

3. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Source:Getty

When it comes to style, Lauryn Hill is one-of-a-kind. The “Ex-Factor” singer not only serves regal looks, her swag, sultry voice, and unparallel lyricism all ooze style. 

4. Remy Ma

Remy Ma Source:Getty

She’s conceited, and she has a reason to be! Remy Ma has been fabulous since she stepped on the scene. There isn’t a designer label this artist doesn’t own, and she wears them all well. 

5. Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost Source:Getty

Rasheeda Frost won us over with her Southern charm and hip-hop swag. We love how versatile her style is. You can catch this beauty killing it in stiletto heels or kicking back in sneakers. Either way, she brings it.

6. Venus Williams

Venus Williams Source:Getty

Venus Williams has flair, period. The tennis champ is the definition of style. She (along with her sister, Serena) is known for unapologetically setting trends. Venus Williams is a fashion historian, from her signature beaded braids to her fly tennis outfits.