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7 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Where It Should Be  was originally published on

1. To The Left, To The Left

To The Left, To The Left

Relationships are beautiful, especially in the beginning when everything feels light, carefree and fun. But somewhere between the honeymoon phase and your 57th fight, somethings have changed for the both of you. There’s so many people who hold on to love because of years invested, they think they should or whatever. Here’s 7 signs that you should stop holding on and let go of a relationship that’s not working.

2. If This Is Your Theme Song

If you’re constantly singing Keyshia Cole breakup anthems, “He’s so caught up/He won’t call her/He shows no love…” then your man may just need to go ahead and find the curb before you kick him to it.

3. You’re A Flirt

You’re A Flirt

Whether you’re at a bar or simply crossing the street, if you find yourself always flirting with the next man, chances are, you’re not happy in your relationship. Stop stringing along your lover and let them go. It’s clear you don’t want to be in that relationship anymore if someone else is always catching your eye.

4. You’re On Again, Off Again Constantly

You’re On Again, Off Again Constantly

Break ups to make up is fine, but if you find yourself in a cycle of breaking up and getting back together, then you probably should make your next break your last.

5. All You Do Is Fight

All You Do Is Fight

Fighting is healthy in relationships. It proves that you care enough about your significant other that you can’t help but be outwardly frustrated. If the only communication you do with your loved one is arguing, yelling and belittling one another, then it’s time to take a step back and assess what’s going on in your relationship that only anger is communicated.

6. We Becomes Me

We Becomes Me

Your chats used to be filled with “we” language, often including you in their decisions and making sure you’re always a part of their plans. These days, you hear a lot more “me” language, which means you’re no longer considered in their plans, no longer a part of their decisions and therefore, less of an impactful piece of their life.

7. You’re Not Who You Used To Be

You’re Not Who You Used To Be

Growing and changing within the relationship is inevitable. However, whenever you look up from your relationship and you notice that you’re always saying, “I used to be fun,” “I used to love going out” or “I used to have plans every night,” you’re at a point where you’ve ventured far away from who you once were. That’s the kind of thing that causes resentment. This ends relationships.

8. There’s A Growing Distance Between You

There’s A Growing Distance Between You

Phone calls are extinct, texts are few and far between and when they do come, they’re short. There’s excuses that always seem to come up when it comes time to spend time together. Something else may have their attention or they simply don’t want to offer theirs to you. Whichever it is, you can be sure that they’re no longer interested in the way that they once were.