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The United States and its closest European allies paused on Sunday to mark 100 years since the end of World War I. African-Americans, all too often overlooked, fought bravely in that war. Several memorials to their sacrifice in World War I and this nation’s other wars are scattered throughout the nation.

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On Saturday, Houston’s Buffalo Soldiers National Museum hosted a ceremony at which a new monument was unveiled to honor Black soldiers 100 years ago during World War I, Taisha Walker of KPRC-TV tweeted.

“A privilege to say thank you this morning on behalf of the UK for the service & sacrifice of the Buffalo Soldiers – African-Americans who served under French command during WWI,” Karen Bell, the British Consul General in Texas, tweeted at the ceremony.

Indeed, European allies have long recognized the bravery of African-American troops. The 369th Infantry (formerly the 15th Regiment New York Guard), known as the “Harlem Hellfighters,” was among the first regiments dispatched to France. The all-Black squad was also among the most highly decorated by France for its bravery.

Like those who came before them and those who came after, African-American troops have fought wars for a country that denied them their rights.


Here are some of the monuments to their sacrifice and service:

Memorials Salute Black Troops Who Fought For America  was originally published on

1. African American Military History Museum

2. All Wars Memorial To Colored Soldiers And Sailors

3. The African American Civil War Memorial

4. Crispus Attucks/Boston Massacre Monument

5. Victory Monument

6. Tuskegee Airmen Memorial

7. Robert Gould Shaw And Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial

8. Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

9. The African-American Medal Of Honor Recipients Memorial

10. Colored Union Soldiers Monument