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Congrats to the Class of 2022! There are many college graduates celebrating their achievements this year. Many celebrities are celebrating their children’s milestones upon graduating from kindergarten, high school and college respectively. There are other famed graduates commemorating their own accomplishments as college graduates. Check out a gallery of famous grads below.

Famous parents like artist and producer DJ Khaled, actor and comedian Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld are proud to celebrate their loved ones accomplishments. Many of them sharing their love and adoration on social media, praising the hard work their loved ones displayed to reach their goals.

Other A-listers like actress and activist Yara Shahidi and tennis star Coco Gauff have reached a remarkable moment in their lives. All while playing your favorite characters on notable television shows and competing in the French Open, these young ladies have now received their college and high school diplomas.

One black-ish star is empowering future graduates with this message, “it’s never too late.” Anthony Anderson finally received his diploma from Howard University, where he began pursuing a degree nearly 30 years ago. He proudly shared his accomplishment with social media while thanking his professors and supporters, who he has credited for getting him to this major milestone.

“This spring I was finally able to complete the work to graduate from Howard University with a BFA degree from the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts,” Anderson captioned his post. “Things happen when they’re supposed to happen.”

Anderson is joined by countless other entertainers, who received either bachelor’s or honorary degrees. All-star athlete Steph Curry, UK rapper Stormzy and former NFL star Colin Kaepernick are other additions to this A-list graduate list.

Congrats to these entertainers for prioritizing their education despite their hectic schedules! It’s admirable and inspiring to future generations, where ignorance is bliss and gaining knowledge is not necessarily an aspiration for most students. Way to be role models!

Check out some of our favorite celebrity graduates from the Class of 2022 below:

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1. God Did It!

Source:DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled congratulates his first born son Asahd after his kindergarten graduation. 

2. Poised and Positioned to Conquer

Source:Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart speaks eloquently about his son reaching his next stage of life after graduating middle school. 

3. It Takes A Village

Source:Steph Curry

Three-time NBA champion Curry received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Davidson College. He left school 13 years ago to pursue a career on the court. Dreams do come true! 

4. Never Too Late

Source:Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson shares an inspiring full circle post after receiving his BFA degree from the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts at Howard University 30 years later. 

5. A Harvard Grad!


It’s official! Yara Shahidi is a Harvard graduate. Go off sis! 

6. Days Before The French Open


Tennis star Coco Gauff just graduated from high school just days away from the French Open. She celebrated with her family in Paris, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

7. A Public Servant

Source:Jessica Seinfeld

Cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld, who is married to comedian Jerry Seinfeld, crossed the stage at NYU to celebrate her graduation from the institution’s Wagner School of Public Service. 

8. A Visionary, An Honorary Graduate!


The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, received an honorary degree from Morgan State University because of his social justice work. 

9. Stormzy Scholarship


Stormzy received an honorary degree from the University of Exeter in recognition of his outstanding achievements in higher education philanthropy. This includes the “Stormzy Scholarship,” which provides Scholarships for Black British students at the University of Cambridge.