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Morehouse, Spelman, And Clark Homecoming Parade

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Fashion and flexing have always been a huge part of Black culture. The HBCU community is no exception to this cultural staple. Everyone is trying to get their fits off and there is a ton of pride in looking the best on and around campus. So we decided to give these students and alumni their props for showing up and showing out. 

Courtesy of HBCU Drip, Every week we are going to be highlighting five individuals with the hardest drip on campus. Those people will serve as a “representative” for their institution and that will dictate the school’s place in the HBCU Fashion rankings. 

The HBCU Fashion Rankings  was originally published on

1. Southern University and A&M College

Southern takes the number one overall spot in the HBCU Fashion Rankings. This is an outstanding combination of school pride and fashion sense by @officially.nene

2. North Carolina A&T

The vibes are really coming together in this pic from @aaronmcbr1de. This is why North Carolina A&T holds a top-three spot in the rankings. The look is giving a street type of feel centered around a sporty aura. It was put together nicely. 

3. Alabama A&M

This look from @badgalkarrr has Alabama A&M in the fifth spot of the HBCU Fashion rankings. This look is giving a preppy vibe that’s intertwined nicely with a bright color scheme. It’s a solid fit for day-to-day stunting on the yard. 


Florida A&M comes in at the number four spot of the HBCU Fashion rankings because of this look from @kyahsierra_ This look is a bold choice but the way it’s put together really fits well. 

5. Jackson State

Jackson State takes the number fourth overall spot in the HBCU Fashion rankings this week because of this fit from @nxgeluno. The letterman-style jacket with the flower-styled pants is working together nicely in this pic.