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If there’s anything we learned in 2020, it’s to value our health and the simple services we once took for granted. The COVID 19 pandemic left us all homebound and channeling our inner kitchen beautician as we experimented with new products, tools and haircare items. We learned to shampoo our hair like a professional, give ourselves our own manicure and practiced a new skincare regime. We’re glowing and growing and give all thanks to the Youtube and the products we’ve come to love.

With the holidays marking the end of a brutal year, we’re reflecting on our newfound faves that helped us make it through one of the toughest times in our lives. As always, we’re sharing them with you because, duh, we’re your digital girlfriends! From the satin-lined cap celebrities like Gabrielle Union rave about to Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern products, here’s the hair tools, products and items that top our favorite things list.

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1. Naturalicious Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Tight Curls & Coils)

Naturalicious Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System (For Tight Curls & Coils) Source:Ulta Shop Now

First thing’s first, a good hair care routine starts with the products you use to cleanse your hair and scalp. This year, we became obsessed with our natural hair and showing it some much-needed tender love and care. This Naturalicious Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System  ($56) provides everything you need to quench your thirsty tresses and bring them back to life. The kit, for tight kinks and coils, includes a 3 in 1 Moroccan Clay Treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft, moisturized and more manageable. Everything you need for wash day comes in one box in this budget-friendly kit. 

2. Pattern On-The-Go Kit

Pattern On-The-Go Kit Shop Now

Tracee Ellis Ross will be the first to tell you her journey to self-love runs parallel to accepting her curls. All of which led her to creating a beauty line that would help others do the same. Pattern ($24) is a love letter to natural hair in a product. We fell in love with the message behind Pattern and the formula in 2020. This on-the-go kit comes with hair essentials like nourishing shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner for extra locked-locked in moisture. And it comes in a cute makeup bag perfect to protect your protects on-the-go. (Hence the name). Pattern ingredients include coconut, honey, sweet almond oil and more.

3. Grace Eleyae Adjustable Slap – Satin-Lined Cap

Grace Eleyae Adjustable Slap - Satin-Lined Cap Shop Now

Celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Viola Davis swear by this Black-owned product. Grace Eleyae’s satin lined cap (in its various designs) is a must-have item for all naturalistas in the winter. Protect your tresses and stay warm with the cold weather staple that is as cute as it is effective. 

“Grace has the best turbans and headbands and wraps in literally every print you can think of and every color,” Gabrielle Union told NY Mag’s The Strategist. “They’re very smartly designed. I’m a natural-hair girl — I stopped using relaxers many, many moons ago — so having that extra protection from the silk lining for your natural hairstyle is key. She has them for kids, too, so on those rare occasions, me and Kaavia will be twinning.”

4. Chi For Ulta Star Dust 1” Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

Chi For Ulta Star Dust 1'' Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron Shop Now

Every now and then, a curly girl likes to straighten her curls for a length check or just to switch it up. With salons closed during the height of the pandemic, we learned how to do our own silk press using the Chi For Ulta Star Dust 1” Digital Ceramic Hairstyling Iron ($99). This trusted tool reaches 450 degrees making it the perfect iron to get your hair as straight as possible. If you’re forgetful, it comes with a one-hour shutoff timer and a professional length power cord. This edition of the Chi For Ulta iron comes in a special holiday box this year. Whether its a gift to yourself or your bestie, it’s a must-have in the beauty cabinet. 

5. Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer

Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer Shop Now

If you’re like us, you’ve tried many edge controls to only find that some leave a white residue, some are drying and some simply don’t provide the hold you need. Design Essentials got it right with their Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer ($11.99). This beloved reigns supreme on every edge control list for its strong hold and anti build-up formula. Aside from honey and shea butter, this powerful edge tamer also uses almond and avocado oils. Finish your straight or curly look with baby hairs that will make Saweetie proud!