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World Afro Day is upon us and what better way to honor it than by highlighting 6 Instagram Creators who are stylishly embracing their lovely afros?!

World Afro Day was created to celebrate the natural hairstyles of Black and mixed-race people.  On this day of global change, natural hair education and its culture are acknowledged and explored.  The afro is a historical hairstyle that is defined by Black and mixed-race people wearing their hair exactly how it grows from their roots.  It became popular in the 1960’s when the Black Power Movement emerged.  During this movement, Black people began to embrace their hair after years of being told by mainstream society that it was nappy, unruly, and unattractive.  From this new found self-love came the Black is Beautiful Movement which spawned an array of beautiful kinky, big hairstyles throughout Black culture.  Political activists like Angela Davis and Huey P. Newton contributed to transforming the afro into a symbol of not only beauty, but liberation and strength.  

Fast forward to today, and the afro is one of the most popular hairstyles among the Black and mixed-race culture.  From closely cropped afros to colossal ones, the hairstyle has evolved into a staple look that cannot be denied, and these hair gurus below are giving us the coolest afro vibes and natural hair tips we need for World Afro Day.  Check them out!   

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Charisse chopped off her locks in 2019 and has been embracing her afro ever since.  We love how she confidently pairs her healthy-looking afro with fierce fashions.  Follow her for inspiration on how to rock your new-found natural ‘do if you just did the big chop as well.   

2. Kia Marie

Kia can teach us a thing a two on how to transform our natural locks into a jazzy afro.  Follow her steps to achieve a similar look.  Or refer to her other pictures to get hairstyle ideas that can be worn with several different looks. 

3. Jewellianna Palencia

Big hair is Jewellianna’s thing, and she rocks it oh so well.  For haircare tips on how to maximize the volume in your afro, she’s your girl.  From curly do’s, to blowouts, and puffy ponytails, she sports it all and does it well.  

4. Oluwafeyifunmii

If you have natural hair then you definitely know about the stretch struggle.  Oluwafeyifunmii feels our pain, that’s is why she strategically walks us through her method for stretching her 4c afro.  Follow her for tips on how to moisturize your hair properly, how to retain length, and more.  

5. Bubs Bee

For those who don’t know, there are a few skills needed to keep natural hairstyles up and Bubs Bee possesses them. Watch this video to learn how to properly separate and fluff your afro.  Or check out her other posts on tips and products to use in order to maintain a healthy afro.

6. Ashlee Rene’

Ashlee Rene is a strong believer in combining self-love with haircare.  Her hair philosophy is geared towards speaking life into your strands, keeping your ends trimmed, and finding some awesome moisturizing conditioner and a good oil that penetrates the hair shaft.  Follow her to achieve the perfect twist-out for your afro and for simple yet effective hair tips that will have your natural hair flourishing.