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INSTADAILY: All The Times We Wanted Drake’s Beard To Get Us Pregnant  was originally published on

1. Drake’s Beard Just Does Something To Us…

Drake’s Beard Just Does Something To Us…

Drake has always been Bae, but now that he has this beard situation going on, we find ourselves constantly stalking his Instagram. And when we say stalking, we mean: the #Drake hashtag, his fan pages and countless visits to his ChampagnePapi account. Since we can’t stop drooling and know you equally appreciate man candy, we put together this little gallery for your viewing pleasure.

2. That Time He Flexed While On Vacay

3. Sweater Bae

4. That Time He Went Shirtless

5. That Time His Beard Was Just Chilling…

6. That Time He Tried To Do A Jamaican Accent But Sounded Really Corny (But We Still Love Him)

7. That Time He Tried To Act Like He Didn’t See The Cameras

8. That Time He Floated Through The People Like Moses

9. That Time He Dedicated This Song To Us

10. That Time He Thought Chewing On A Toothpick Was Cool Again

11. That Time He Wore This Yellow Sweatshirt

12. That Time He Was Fixing His Earpiece

13. That Time…

14. That Time We Could See It From The Back

15. That Time It First Started Growing & He Was Beginning To Experience #Baedom

16. That Time He Didn’t Have A Shirt On

17. That Time We Spotted It From Far Away