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Superfoods are powerful allies for our bodies and each have functions to help specific needs. Holistic nutritionist and wellness chef, Shauna Faulisi, shares her favorite foods for skin health in an exclusive interview with poosh.

As you may know, the things we eat and drink have a direct effect on the way we look and feel. There are certain foods that can be a great source of hydration with nutrients that are focused directly toward preventative skincare. Below you will see some of the top foods to help prevent wrinkles:


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1. Blueberries

Blueberry Source:Getty

“These low-glycemic berries have a high concentration of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that protect the skin by scavenging for free radicals from day-to-day environmental factors that destroy skin’s connective tissue,” Shauna Faulisi explains.

“Eat these to support your skin’s elasticity while simultaneously keeping your cognitive function up (they’re a brain food too!).”

2. Oysters

Delicious blue point raw oysters with mignon Source:Getty

“Not only are they an aphrodisiac, but these little creatures are rich in zinc, a mineral that protects the skin’s fibroblast tissue that’s responsible for the secretion of collagen proteins. You can make the night spicy while repairing your skin and creating collagen!” – Shauna Faulisi

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Source:Storyblocks Enterprise

“This is your invitation to eat chocolate! Real-deal dark chocolate contains magnesium, a mineral that plays a key role in the production of the enzymes that manage DNA repair. So if we’re deficient in magnesium, DNA repair slows down,” – Shauna Faulisi

4. Salmon

#CAMvsFOOD Grilled Salmon Source:Cam Cooper

“Omega-3 fatty acids are a major player for your skin. Foods rich in fatty acids like hemp seeds, flax seeds, sardines, and salmon attract water to skin cells to plump up the skin and, you guessed it, reduce wrinkles! Plus, omega-3s help ease irritation and inflammation in the body, which shows on your skin.” – Shauna Faulisi

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes Source:Storyblocks Enterprise

“Eating tomatoes is one of my favorite ways to care for my skin. Lycopene, a plant nutrient responsible for giving the red and pink pigment to foods such as tomatoes and watermelon, has been shown to suppress oxidative stress. Not only that, but it helps to prevent UVA and UVB damage caused from sun exposure. There’s a reason why these foods are plentiful in the sunny summer months! Nature is always supporting us.” – Shauna Faulisi

6. Bone Broth and Protein

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“Focusing on a diet rich in protein will not only retain the integrity of your skin, but it will keep you feeling empowered and strong in your body. The amino acids found inside help with the regeneration of skin cells and collagen, which is responsible for maintaining the skin’s structural support. Simply put, if maintaining firm skin as you age is a priority, focus on protein. Bone broth is exceptional because it contains not only protein but also many of the minerals and vitamins we mentioned here. It’s an ancient food that lives up to its hype.”

Shauna Faulisi