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The man who earned the title of Fastest Man In The World lost the earnings that came with that success. Usain Bolt reportedly had a retirement fund that contained about $10 million, and now all but $2,000 is gone because of a scam.

According to the Jamaican Observer, Bolt isn’t the only one who suffered a huge financial loss, and the total amounts to more than $1.2 billion for around 30 people.

The money was in a Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) fund, and the company released a statement last week regarding the fund and the legal steps it plans to take to find the culprit.

SSL states it had “become aware of fraudulent activity by a former employee of the company” and that it “referred the matter to the relevant law enforcement authorities to facilitate a thorough and complete examination of all aspects of the matter. To ensure this, we have taken steps to secure those assets and strengthened internal protocols to detect suspicious activity in the shortest time possible.”

The company also said it would “continue to liaise and cooperate fully with law enforcement throughout this investigation and ensure that the responsible party faces the full consequence of the law.”

While SSL only released a statement regarding the fraud recently, it has reportedly known of the discrepancy since August.

Bolt reportedly put just under $10 million in the account back in 2012 and left it untouched for a decade.

The Jamaican track star hasn’t released a statement on the loss yet, but he did post a cryptic black square on Instagram Monday with a caption that read, “In a World of Lies….Where is the Truth? The History Evil….What is the Root?…MONEY #CrypticWorld.”

See how Twitter’s reacting to the multi-million dollar loss for the sprinter below:

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