The petition asks Congress to ban Steve Bannon from the White House because of his connections to the Alt-Right movement.

On September 14, Black Lives Matter activists plan to rally on Capitol Hill in an effort to push against a bipartisan criminal justice reform compromise ahead of a late September vote.


Amazingly, a new poll shows that likely voters would prefer a Republican controlled Congress over a Democratic one. The Wall Street Journal/Annenberg Poll found that…

The Area

This isn’t quite the way we picture our Capitol Building as it sits atop Capitol Hill in Washington DC.  Even the earliest pictures we have of the historic building (constructed in 1793) show the building as a white structure.  No, this picture isn’t photoshopped or saturated to make the building look red.  No, the person […]

The US Capitol is on lockdown after shots have been reportedly been fired. Story developing…. UPDATE: A female suspect was reportedly shot and killed. Via…

According to Jawn Murray of, The congressional newspaper The Hill has released its 10th annual “50 Most Beautiful People” list of Capitol Hill workers, White House staffers and executive branch players. While Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona topped The Hill’s list, a semi-familiar face Kirby Bumpus came in at number two, making her […]

Three Buddhists, a Hindu and a “none” will walk into the 113th Congress, and it’s no joke. Rather, it’s a series of “firsts” that reflect the growing religious diversity of the country. When the new Congress is sworn in next January, Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, will represent the state’s 2nd Congressional […]