Dwell Chrystal If you’ve ever struggled with sickness in your body, you know that sometimes the only way to move forward and get back to a good quality of life is by cutting out those things that are hurting you. And not just by changing your diet or having something surgically removed, but by cutting […]


The new faith-based movie War Room is taking the box office by storm and has become this summer’s sleeper hit. According to Forbes.com, the film earned another $7.4 million…

According to Deadline.com, Affirm/Sony’s faith-based title War Room looks to have inched out Universal/Legendary’s Straight Outta Compton, $3.87M to $3.85M at Friday’s B.O. Last night, War Room looked like it had some distance from Compton, but morning figures show the F. Gary Gray film with more dough. War Room is the fifth film by director Alex Kendrick, and it’s the second consecutive film […]