BJ The Chicago Kid was hanging out with Erica Campbell and GRIFF at their live broadcast in Florida! He opened up about his journey from singing background with the likes of Erica Campbell and Usher, to becoming his own artist. He talks about falling in love with results whether it works out that exceeds his goal […]

As hip-hop moves into its fourth decade, the stars of its golden age are now grown with families of their own. Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion,…

Via Elev8 Lil’ Kim is doing a little soul searching these days. She definitely has spent the last few years  living outside of her comfort box. Dancing with the Stars, broadened her appeal and now she opening up about her spiritual life. ” “I think in this industry, people lose it,” said the Queen Bee. […]

Rapper Rick Ross has many people upset with the recent release of his song “Holy Ghost.” He has been criticized for twisting scriptures and using God  in the song as a means for committing sins. The first verse of the song depicts Ross, a self-proclaimed Christian, relishing in the riches of sitting in his expensive […]