Usually when kids are acting disruptive in school, they’re either placed in detention or suspended.When it comes to one Baltimore school, that is old way of the question. Robert W Coleman Elementary are currently using “Mindful Meditation” which consist of sitting in a room and go through breathing practices to work out their issues. They […]

Due to the upcoming heat on Thursday, all Baltimore County Public Schools with no air-conditioning will be closed, according to school officials. Thursday’s heat will also close all City Schools three hours early. Half-day pre-kindergarten and all after-school activities are also canceled, Baltimore City Public School officials said. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

You know you’ve made your mark in the world when public schools are named after you. Such is the case with First Lady Michelle Obama, who finds herself with public schools being named after her. Clutch cites various schools who have changed their names to honor President Barack Obama’s better half. Among the schools is […]

A survey found that students brought more than 185 guns to school so far for this academic year. The group that conducted the survey laments that there's no federal gun safety law in place.

Harford County officials blame Freddy Gray's death and the city's past history of unrest for why it’s “not safe” to visit.

Atrocious school conditions prompted the union to seek outside help to show the DPS just how harmful the lack of resources are for children.


The FLOTUS penned a passionate op-ed for the Atlantic about her education initiative with President Barack Obama.

A group of teachers, principals, and administrators from Atlanta were found guilty this week of taking part in one of the nation’s biggest cheating scandals…