Black Business Month, Community News, SCORE

August is Black Business Month! On this edition, Denise Hill interviews Alverta Lopez, a volunteer mentor at SCORE. Small and minority businesses are a key aspect of our national economy. Supporting these businesses is an integral part our local economy here in the DC metropolitan area. SCORE is an organization that provides support to small businesses. […]

Starting a business takes a lot of prayer, planning, confidence, and, most important, money. Some entrepreneurs have been able to start from literally nothing and build empires from the ground up. Others have come out of the gate looking for, and securing, small business loans to assist with the expenses associated with starting their own […]

I come from a long line of superwomen, and I am certain you do as well.


On June 30th, the Export-Import Bank’s charter will expire if Congress refuses to act. House Republicans are in full swing to diminish Ex-Im bank’s ability…

            In the State of the Union Address  President Obama outlined his plan to build a growing economy creates good middle class jobs.  His plan builds on the progress made during his first term and it strengthens the middle class by making America a magnet for jobs and manufacturing, equipping every […]

A lot of newsworthy things happened in 2012. Most things that were significant in other parts of the country were also significant here. But some things weren’t. And then there were those things had a higher impact on the DC area than anywhere else. Check out our list of Most Newsworthy 2012 Events That Affected DC.

(Via DCFAB) Last week, Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One LLC was featured on a panel discussion for the Verizon Wireless Small Business series. Natasha Eubanks, who founded was also featured. Check out DCFAB for more pics of the event.