This edition of GRIFF’s Prayer is brought to us by a Facebook user who asked GRIFF specifically to talk to God about the traffic problem in Atlanta. He passionately prays for their to be a lack of drama and road rage on his way to work in the morning, and for the opportunity to swallow […] (WARNING DISTURBING VIDEO & AUDIO) Philando Castile Dead after being shot by a police officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota. This shooting happened hours after Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police in front of a convenience store. In the very graphic video, Castile’s girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds filmed the interaction […]

The Area

(Alexandria, VA)  —  Today’s funeral procession for Alexandria paramedic Joshua Weissman will have a major impact on travel in the area.  Stretches of King Street, Braddock Road, Van Dorn Street, Seminary Road and Janney’s Lane will all be impacted as the procession gets underway later this afternoon. The entire Alexandria Fire Department will be out of service […]