Vicki Yohe said she heard Barack Obama say America was "no longer a Christian nation."


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Vicki Yohe came under fire after she posted a controversial meme on her Instagram.

Follow Praise 104.1: It’s no secret, Gospel Artist, Vicki Yohe is a Trump supporter.  Throughout his campaign she has been very vocal about her support. Yesterday she posted a meme of an image of a an Anglo Jesus that stated “I’m On My Way Back To The White House”. Based on the current climate of […]

More than 500 Praise 104.1 listeners were treated to an excellent performance from Lonnie Hunter and Vicki Yohe aboard the Spirit of Washington Saturday. Lonnie performed songs from his latest CD “I’m Back”, including his current single “Anyway”. Vicki Yohe performed her signature song “Because Of Who You Are” and her latest hit “I’m At […]