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While the world’s attention is on Israel and Iran in terms of possible military action, an attorney says an Iranian pastor is still in serious trouble and needs the world to petition the government on his behalf. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has received the death penalty because of his alleged conversion from Islam to Christianity, although he insists he was never a Muslim. Jordan Sekulow of  American Center for Law and Justice  (ACLJ) says that during his 863 days of imprisonment, Nadarkhani has been pressured to recant his faith or admit that Mohammed is a prophet. But he has refused to do so. What happens next is there must be another public outcry from the world — from Christians, from non-Christians, from Americans, from people in Europe, from people in Africa — just like there was when we started talking about this story in the early fall,” the ACLJ attorney urges.

Intense prayer is also needed, as Sekulow cannot confirm that Nadarkhani is still alive. But he insists that Christians cannot give up hope, and now is not the time to stop trying.

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