Civil Rights & Social Justice

The bench trial will determine if the Barbers Hill school district can continue its monthslong suspension of Darryl George. The post Justice For Darryl George: Trial Begins For Black Student Suspended Over Locs appeared first on NewsOne.

Southwick Regional High School students in Massachusetts are accused of of creating a "slave auction" in a Snapchat group called "Black people are low class." The post High School Students Accused Of Creating Online ‘Slave Auction’ In ‘Black People Are Low Class’ Snapchat Group appeared first on NewsOne.

According to police reports and news coverage, the "Black Panther" and "The Color Purple" stuntwoman was pinned under a food truck as a result of the vehicle's impact. Carrie Bernans suffered broken bones and chipped teeth.

Karens who messed around and found out. In this case, found out means they got arrested.  The post A List of Karens Who Messed Around and Found Out appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A Black woman delivery driver for Amazon shown on video being attacked by a white woman in Texas is planning legal action and asking for help identifying “the Karen who attacked me.” The post Black Woman Amazon Driver Attacked By ‘Racist’ Karen On Video Is Planning Legal Action Against White Woman appeared first on NewsOne.

Hannah Payne is the latest white vigilante to be convicted and sentenced for killing an unarmed Black person. Will Daniel Penny be next? The post Hannah Payne Is The Latest White Vigilante Sentenced For Black Death. Will Daniel Penny Be Next? appeared first on NewsOne.

A series of "Karen" videos showing women weaponizing their whiteness against Black people underscore why racial profiling stories still matter so much. The post 3 ‘Karens’ And A ‘Karen’ Cop: These Viral Videos Show Why Racial Profiling Reports Still Matter appeared first on NewsOne.

Brett Hankison has been accused of violating Breonna Taylor's civil rights during the botched raid that took her life in 2020. The post Breonna Taylor Civil Rights Case: A Timeline Of Events In The Trial appeared first on NewsOne.

American Airlines is under fire after staff accused a Black father of trafficking his own kids during a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. The post Airlines Keep Accusing Parents Of Biracial Kids Of Trafficking Their Own Children appeared first on NewsOne.

The mother of a Black teen is demanding answers after her son was discriminated against for his hair, which violates the Crown Act.  The post Texas School Discriminates Against Black Student With Locs Even Though That’s Illegal appeared first on NewsOne.

Brian Lindhurst Jr. is reportedly suing Sgt. David Marble, an officer who allegedly attacked him and yelled racial slurs after he left a friend's house in Antioch in 2022. The post ‘N*ggers’ Do Not Belong Here’: Drunk Berkeley Cop Aims Gun At Unarmed Black Man Visiting A Friend, Lawsuit Says appeared first on NewsOne.

Following a racist mass shooting carried out by a white supremacist in Jacksonville, these moving photos show a community healing, protesting and demanding change. The post Pray For Jacksonville: Moving Photos Show Florida Healing From Deadly White Supremacist Violence appeared first on NewsOne.