Finding a new church home will never be an easy process. As you look for places that feed your spirit, be mindful and discerning.

It's Holy Week and we're happy to spread The Good News with you! Watch All 3 Nights of the 2024 Praise Virtual Spring Revival Here

Tonight will be hosted by Ronnette Rollins with a performance by The Mississippi Mass Choir and Pastor Kevin Hart Sr. of Christian Tabernacle Church will give the sermon!

Tonight will be hosted by Ronnette Rollins with a performance by Christina Bell and Pastor Juan Wilder Sr. of Impact Church will give the sermon!

Tonight we will be hosted by Cheryl Jackson with a performance by Jason Nelson and Rev. Dr. Keith Savage, First Baptist Church of Manassas, VA will give the sermon!

Sarah is a respected author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Woman Evolve

“TEXT & TITLE TIME" on Sunday Joy with Ronnette Rollins! Let’s share the good news! This part of the show is an opportunity for you to call in and share the text & title of a sermon you heard.

7 Signs You May Be Under Spiritual Attack Spiritual attacks can have a profound impact on all aspects of an individual’s life. These attacks can come in various forms, such as negative energy, psychic attacks, or even demonic influences. The effects of spiritual attacks can be both physical and emotional, wreaking havoc on a person’s […]

The Motivational Moment during Sunday Joy with Ronnette Rollins encourages the listener to get motivated for whatever they may face during the week. In this Motivational Moment, Reverend Ron Harrison talks about Giving Thanks.

It's all about "Relationships" but you gotta do it for GOD! To have a full, real, and "good" relationship with anybody else, you must first...

Here's why we all must understand how the “music is the ministry,” regardless of the style. Which is why we must “Drop the Beat!”....

Be enlightened with a discussion on the changing times of the day and how the church MUST ADAPT to...