The 30 and over club  has to step up and make sure we are age appropriate!  So, this week, make up artist to the stars, Kym Lee list 5 more of the 30 essential items for those of us that are 30 and over!

Lets re-cap last weeks essential items:

1. Everyone should have a signature fragrance

2.  Every woman should have a set of pearls and men should have cuff links

3.  Everyone should have a skin care regime

4.  Every woman should have a basic black pump and men should have a wing tip shoe

5.  Everyone should have a basic power suit

6.  Formal attire (formal fabric dress or tuxedo jack for men)

7.  Women should have a Caplet or wrap/Men should have a cashmere scarf

8.  Everyone should have a crisp white shirt

9.  Proper outer wear for the occasion (trench coat, rain gear ect.).  No down coats with a dress please!

10.  Appropriate time pieces for the occasion (no sports watch with dress attire)

This week her list include:

11.  Clutch

12.  Designer Tote Bags/For men NO MURSE use a brief case or messenger bag

13.  Prepared toiletry bag

14. A good set of Matching Luggage

15.  Small make up bag with only what you need for the day

Check out the live commentary with Kym here:


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