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The 30 and over club  has to step up and make sure we are age appropriate!  So, this week, make up artist to the stars, Kym Lee list 5 more of the 30 essential items for those of us that are 30 and over!

Lets re-cap previous weeks essential items:

1. Everyone should have a signature fragrance

2.  Every woman should have a set of pearls and men should have cuff links

3.  Everyone should have a skin care regime

4.  Every woman should have a basic black pump and men should have a wing tip shoe

5.  Everyone should have a basic power suit

6.  Formal attire (formal fabric dress or tuxedo jack for men)

7.  Women should have a Caplet or wrap/Men should have a cashmere scarf

8.  Everyone should have a crisp white shirt

9.  Proper outer wear for the occasion (trench coat, rain gear ect.).  No down coats with a dress please!

10.  Appropriate time pieces for the occasion (no sports watch with dress attire)

11.  Clutch

12.  Designer Tote Bags/For men NO MURSE use a brief case or messenger bag

13.  Prepared toiletry bag

14. A good set of Matching Luggage

15.  Small make up bag with only what you need for the day

16. An adult Hair cut and color (no mohawks please)

17.  Shaving kit (for men)

18.  Your signature Red lipstick

19. We should all have a Passport


This weeks essential items are:


20.  Dress for your body type

21.  Proper under garments (slips, spanx, cami etc.)

22.  Know how to properly tip on a dinner check (18% to 20% is custom)

23.  Have a variety of belts and wear based on the fabric of your pants or skirts

24.  Know and/or possession of diamonds and furs

Check out the live commentary with Kym here: