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Speaker and Minister Sabrina McLean speaks to women of all ages on the importance of being a woman of virtue by choosing to be a ‘Diamond Elect Woman”:

The Birthing Vision of Diamond Elect Women
I have seen and come in contact with women, from young adult to the maturely seasoned with issues, misguidings and matters of the heart and mind concerning relationships.  Not just with men but women as well; be it husband and wife, mother/ father and child(ren), boyfriend and girlfriend or just friends and family in general; it all seems to have a common ground and that is “hurt and betrayal”, confusion and miscommunication or lack thereof.

There is also that remnant of women that approach me dealing with just solely issues in relationships that mirror my life.  Help is needed and required restoration of heart and mind, restoration of image and confidence building of faith and love and trust.
Getting to the root of the problem requires time, effort, patience and love.  Discipline is a major part and self-examiniation is a requirement.  Prayer is a priority.
“The formation of natural diamonds requires very high temperatures and pressures.” –
Diamond Elect Women are those who have been through the pressures, high temperatures of heat and withstood the tests of life.  Diamond Elect Women have been voted as an elected state of God’s Chosen Vessels that believe and know exactly WHO and WHAT brought them through the fire!!