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During the One Love Gospel Getaway event Pastor Donnie McClurkin sat with correspondent Melanie and discussed the recent bombing tragedies and shootings being a byproduct of sin.

He also talked about the judgement in religion and politics, specifically defending President Barack Obama.

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On the pressure the Christian church puts on President Barack Obama:

The greatest thing I’ve got to deal with is people coming to me with an issue with our leader, President Barack Obama.  I have to explain to them that we are not in a theocracy, when you are dealing with an entire nation there has to be equal rights for everybody but how they choose to live their life is between them and God.

It’s all a matter of “overzealous religion” and it’s not a matter of biblical principles. Because no matter what was happened in Israel, Jesus never marched on Rome or to try to fight society. He only came to seek and save those who were lost.

We can’t make these unseeingly demands on a man who is there to govern a nation. The Pastors are the ones who are to preach the morality and the spirituality. But the thing that I find funny is that Pastors aren’t saying anything about it! Everybody’s screaming about the the President, the President is doing his job and now the Pastors have to do theirs.

On Christianity being controversial:

Religion has a way of turning on itself. We will fight and fight just for the sake of fighting and won’t sit down and use our minds, our intellect, and use our abilities to read and discern the scripture, so that’s always given us a bad name.

Watch the video below for the full interview.

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