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According to, gospel dynamic duo Mary Mary fame, are standing up for  Trayvon.

According to their Facebook page they are  joining the fight:

Fans responded immediately by agreeing in chorus. Here is what you had to say:

Sherry Harrison:  First of all, I think the two of you have just as much influence as Stevie if not more…You are doing God’s work EVERYDAY!

Christopher Akhir a no from you means that those that look up to you will see you standing with God and not the world. world gonna have to adjust. God is speaking

Charmaine Morgan Yes i agree , i am a Nurse my husband have his Doctorate in Education , I have two daughters away at College and a 15 year old left at home ,We had plan to move to Florida from California so we could be closer to Jamaica where we are from ,but in wake of everything that is going on we changed our mine right now,We think it’s best our youngest leave for college before we venture down to Florida, If we haven’t change our mine and go somewhere else..

Kimberly Tucker Moore I applaud you for this. Many let the dollar rule their decision. To make it worse I heard Zimmerman is suing his parents for ruining his life Really??!!! In awe….

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