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Tamar Braxton is opening up about how being raised by preacher parents in a Christian household impacted her life. Braxton, the 36-year-old singer-songwriter, said she learned a lot from her Christian upbringing. “Both of my parents at one time were pastors of their own churches and I learned a lot from that,” she said in Flaunt magazine recently. “But not until I was an adult did I understand it and know for myself.” It was this faith that helped Braxton further her career in music. “I had to be really strong in my faith and I know if it wasn’t for God, I would not be here,” she told Ebony magazine as the October cover girl.

Braxton’s older sister and singer Toni, 46, previously stated on how being raised as a singer in a church helps to shape an entertainer’s career.

“When your dad is a preacher you’re involved in everything. It’s how I got my roots because most entertainers come from church, African Americans singing in the choir,” . “You practice every day, you’ve got your pulpit, it was your stage. You’ve got your congregation that was your audience.”

She spoke about all of the basics for a professional singer being provided by the church.

“That’s the fundamentals for you becoming a professional singer. It was right there, right in the church. That’s where I got over that fear of performing,” Toni revealed  “That thing, can I do this? Church people will always rally around you even if you sound terrible.” Toni said singers can usually find encouragement from church people which is a quality she cherishes. “You’ll get an ‘Amen’ or ‘Alright’ or ‘Sing!’ You’re going to get something to cheer you along,” . “Somebody is going to tell you can’t lead that song that you wanted to lead but they’ll still encourage you to at least see what you’ve got out there. I love that about church, that’s great.”