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working-personalJust because most of us are on the job every day, does not mean our personal lives automatically press pause to accommodate work responsibilities. As we matriculate throughout our career, many of us will become bogged down with keeping up with our personal matters while still thriving at work. This includes keeping up with our children, spouses, aging parents, other family members, home repairs and our overall health.

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The lines of demarcation between work and personal life is not as clear and defined as it once was due to advances in technology, constant communication and work hours sometimes overlapping with personal time. With so much going on every day, how can one effectively do their job, yet, still carve out time to attend to the other facets of our lives?


1) Do Your Job.

Though most employers empathize with employees going through difficult times in their personal lives, they still expect them to do their jobs unless a leave of absence is taken. Additionally, after initially sharing with your co-workers any personal issues that may be affecting the amount of time and energy you put forth at work, most of them will not really be concerned as to why your work is not being done if it affects them negatively.

If you decide to remain on the job while handling or tackling personal matters, please understand you are still responsible for the tasks which you were hired for.


2) Communicate With Your Boss.

Though you still have to do your job while dealing with personal matters, it may be best to share with your boss or HR if you are dealing with a major matter that may affect your work such as an ailing parent, divorce or substance abuse. As there are programs available for most employees, such as EAP programs, keeping your job aware of what you are dealing with may allow for some accommodation so you may effectively seek solutions to personal issues.


3) Effectively Manage Your Time.

It may be best to appropriately schedule personal calls and meetings that do not interfere with your work schedule. A handful of my clients work 9 to 5 jobs. Due to their work schedules, I take most of their calls and meet with them during lunch hours and/or after work to accommodate them. Find solutions to any time constraints you may have to keep interference on your job to a minimum.


4) Stay Positive and Keep Drama to a Minimum.

While dealing with your numerous responsibilities, maintain a positive attitude and keep any outside drama from being present on your job. Your co-workers, boss and clients need not be privy to all personal matters.

5) Take Time Off

You accumulate those personal, vacation and sick days for a reason. Take them when needed. You are entitled to them and should not be penalized for doing so.

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