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The “Hermanator” is back!  Former pizza magnate and former Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination Hermain Cain (pictured) is at it again, but this time his entrepreneurial spirit has concocted up a business venture. The politico’s subscription-based eponymous online television network allows fans to listen to his voice all day.

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The recently launched Herman Cain Channel at $9.99 a pop is an obvious play on his famed 9-9-9 tax plan during his failed campaign. The plan was called “9-9- 9″ because it would have replaced today’s complicated federal tax code with a three-part system, consisting of a 9 percent flat tax on individuals, a 9 percent flat tax on businesses, and a 9 percent national retail sales tax.

According to the very-married Cain, who was ousted from his presidential bid because of his womanizing ways, viewers of his television network, which was reportedly launched with the aid of TAPP-TV, will be treated to his “unique take on the news you need to know about,” according to the website. And for a mere $99.99 a year, viewers will get treated to a year’s subscription to the site.

Cain, who already hosts a daily radio show, promises exclusive hard-hitting scoops from interviews to video chats to behind-the-scenes footage from his appearances. There will be streaming commentary on the site, but if viewers want to personally interact with the 68-year-old, they can ask questions and post videos; Cain claims that he will personally answer them.

“My new channel is all about digging deeper in to real solutions for the economic and spiritual problems facing AMERICA today. I’m looking forward to mixing it up with my members face to face, in a way we can’t do on the radio or campaign trail – and doing so with humor and hard facts,” Cain contends.

Potential subscribers can also check out the site’s seven-day free trial offer if they are curious.

TAPP-TV also helped launch fellow Republican and also former presidential candidate Sarah Palin‘s online channel.

Oy vey!

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