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By Keanna Faircloth


Are you looking for a few new looks for the sanctuary this spring? Well, you can’t go wrong with these HOT trends!  Here are a few ideas to make your Sunday a little more joyful…

1. Mellow Yellow!

Yellow never fails to brighten your day! The sunnier the shade, the better.  You’ll have your fellow church members grinning from ear to ear as you visually bring a little Sunday sass!


2. Gingham

Just when you thought it was just for table cloths, this classic pattern finds its way to dress and skirt patterns all over the place this spring!


3. Black and white

This color combo has always been a classic go to for all.  It continues to reinvent itself in several different and fun new ways this spring.  Find a new way to combine this duo and you won’t fail to turn heads.


4. Patterns, patterns, patterns!

Pattern play is soooo much fun!  Don’t shy away from patterns out of fear.  Just incorporate them into your wardrobe in a way that makes you comfortable. Whether you choose a patterned pant or just a pocket square, you too can jump on this playful spring trend!


5. Metallic sandals

Why not?! Because the streets of gold (or silver) should be wherever you walk!


More Sanctuary Style coming soon…

Mary Mary is setting trends for Spring!

Source: Mary Mary / Pharoh Martin