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Black lives do, indeed, matter.

And this Saturday, Black Lives Matter — an international movement fighting to end state-sanctioned violence against Black communities throughout the world — is partnering with The 24 Hour Project to document the every-day lives of Black people in multiple cities during one single day. This year’s theme is ‘The Human Condition’ — the collaborations purpose is to “narrow the focus to uplifting black life in this critical moment in history.”

For 24 hours, photography will be used to foster community amongst black folks around the globe. It will “shift the focus away from the lens of the mainstream media and refocus it on the lenses of the people themselves, who will be armed with cameras, phones, tablets and any other photographic devices they feel inclined to use,” co-creator of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors said in a statement to NewsOne.

Participation is easy…and encouraged. Using the hashtag #BLM247 on Twitter and Instagram, participants have the chance to center blackness in the conversation “without misrepresenting or misinterpreting it through the filter of a secondary source.”

“As a black artist and photographer I’ve struggled within to make work within an art world that’s very white,” Art and Culture co-lead of Black Lives Matter Tanya Lucia Bernard told NewsOne about why she supports the 24 hour movement. “I think a lot of the times media paints us in a particular picture….I really believe in fighting for justice in more traditional ways and figuring out how to merge art in the visual element to that work.”

FOREMOST, a Black Lives Matter artist, also told NewsOne that he hopes the solidarity of the project will allow us to “find each other and find commonalities within ourselves.”

“I think we’ll see resilience, pain and strength in lost of the photos. For me I want to paint a bright and prosperous portrait for my Black people,” he added. “As a queer black cis-gendered male artist, my imagination is my minds reality. Unlike the present world it is free of systems of oppression, homophobia, and anti-black racism. It is a time and space where I can truly be myself, live myself and love myself 24 hours a day.”

Keep checking this page through 11:59 p.m. on Saturday for photos and Tweets from #BLM247. Why?

“Even just seeing black skin in all its beauty and glory is revolutionary in its self,” Bernard told NewsOne. “We’re interested in building community amongst black folks across the globe while documenting the beauty and complexities of black life. The 24 Hour project offers a platform for black people to come together and visually represent the issues affecting black life today from our own perspectives.”

We are proud to support this project. To join the feed and for more information visit the Black Live Matter Tumblr page. Follow @BlckLivesMatter, @4oremost, and @Tanyaluciabe on Instagram and Twitter for hourly updates. To follow the entire project, use the social media hashtags #BLM247 and #24HourProject.

Register online and on March 21st tag your #24HourProject photos with the following template on Instagram and/or Twitter: Time #YourCity “Title {optional}” by @yourhandle as part of the #BLM247 #24hourproject #24hr15 #24hr15_YourCity. 

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