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Just a little food for thought…

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Most people need a little boost of energy during the work day, especially on Mondays.  Put the coffee down and try these 5 quick, easy energy boosting exercises when you start to feel the midday lull!

1. Find the nearest stairwell.

Race up a flight of stairs as fast as you can, or skip up the stairs two at a time. Walk down normally to cool yourself down.  Repeat as many as you can!

2. Desk push-ups are the business!

Yep, you heard me! Get up from your desk, grab your desk with your hands a little more than shoulder length apart while your body is outstretched and get your push-up on! Start out with about 5-10 of these.  As you gain stamina, do 25-30!

3.  Stretch it out!

There’s nothing more refreshing than a good streeeettttchhh!! It’s good for you, too! Lock your hands together at the fingers, turn your palms away from you, and then stretch forward and bring your arms straight up above your head.

4. Chair twists are a winner!

Your lower back can get really tense and tight throughout the course of the work day.  Try placing your hands on one side of your desk chair (or on the armrest if you have one), cross your legs, and twist to the opposite side.  Hold this for about 10 seconds.  Repeat on the other side, and don’t forget to take deep cleansing breaths! Ahhhhh…..

5. Jump rope…or just pretend.

You remember the popular childhood activity.  Well it’s a sure way to get a quick boost of energy!  No need for an actual rope!  Just close your office door or find a private place (so your coworkers don’t complain) and jump up and down in place for about 15 seconds.  Repetition is always a good idea if you have the time!

Here’s to warding off those Monday blues…or just getting through the work week with your sanity…now GO!