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Three years ago on July 31, 2012, I was laid off from my place of employment.  To be honest, when I got the news I jumped for joy.  This was my chance to really pursue my passion of working full time in radio.  I wasn’t looking at the fact that I only had enough money to sustain myself for maybe the next month.  But something inside of me told me that everything was going to work itself out.  God told me, and even showed me, what my purpose was.  I had been working a full time and a few part time jobs and hardly had enough time to squeeze in as a volunteer at a local radio station.  Everything seemed to be getting in the way of my life’s purpose.  But on my last day of work at my full-time, benefit paying, employer (I did miss letting those benefits go… not gonna front), I proudly walked out of that door with my head held high and a renewed since of purpose for my life.  I was actually getting the chance to walk boldly into my destiny!  By no means has it been easy, and it still isn’t easy on this climb, but I keep my eyes on the prize and keep God and my purpose at the forefront of everything I do.

There will be some ups, and definitely more than a few DOWNS, but keep on pressing on!  Now, here I am on the airwaves at Praise 104.1 FM!  Long story short, don’t be afraid of pursuing that thing that makes you TICK!  God will make a way for you and your passion if you just believe!