I have been blessed to be in this radio industry going on 3 decades. When I look back on the many people I have had the opportunity to encounter, it is inspiring. I remember their stories, the wisdom they shared with me, the laughs we had on and off the air, and the inspiration they […]

Erica Campbell breaks down all of the segments of her show, and explains what valuable teachable moment she aims for each one to be for her audience. While that might seem more obvious for some segments, like the Ericaism, or Joy Living, with more silly moments, like GRIFF’s Prayer it may not be so obvious. […]

Erica Campbell explains that one of the most the useful things you can do for yourself in terms of business is crafting an elevator pitch. If you’re passionate about what you do and want to make the connections necessary to keep doing it, than you’re going to need to learn how to clearly, quickly and […]

Black women have always had a way with words. It's engrained in us, as culturally, across time and space, we have used our words to survive, preserve and thrive.

In this Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asked her listeners to tell her who inspires them and why. One listener gives a heartfelt response about why her mother is a big inspiration for her. But she wasn’t prepared when a caller poured out her heart and explained why she felt Erica herself was her inspiration. […]


Can I get personal for a minute? I’m not always the most thankful person. I must admit that there are times when I can throw the most pitiful of pity parties for myself. It’s in those times that I have to work EXTRA hard to remain humble, thankful, and praise God for all that He […]

Article By Dianna Hobbs My husband Kenya and I sounded utterly ridiculous stumbling over our words as the Hobbs children listened and laughed. Trying to rapidly and repeatedly say, “Willy’s real rear wheel,” didn’t go well. We couldn’t believe how hard that was! Go ahead. Try it. Repeat “Willy’s real rear wheel,” over and over […]

Article By Dianna Hobbs:: Writer of “Your Daily Cup of Inspiration” How can you remain peaceful and full of hope when your whole world is…

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What’s up with this new term “fleek”?! And what exactly does it mean to be on it?  Well, the term simply means that one is “on point”. Now that that’s out of the way, is your FAITH on fleek? Having your faith on fleek means that you make it a routine to give over your […]

Three years ago on July 31, 2012, I was laid off from my place of employment.  To be honest, when I got the news I jumped for joy.  This was my chance to really pursue my passion of working full time in radio.  I wasn’t looking at the fact that I only had enough money to […]

Honest. Authentic. Transparent. Rapper Common was all these things last week during the Gantt Symposium 2014. The rapper, who is best known for his socially…