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Erica Campbell I Luh God Stills

Source: Is your faith on FLEEK?! / eOne

What’s up with this new term “fleek”?! And what exactly does it mean to be on it?  Well, the term simply means that one is “on point”. Now that that’s out of the way, is your FAITH on fleek? Having your faith on fleek means that you make it a routine to give over your cares and troubles to the Lord! You absolutely know that everything is working together for your good and what God has for you is just for you. When your faith is on fleek, you can rest assured that whatever it is…it’s already taken care of. Why? You’re a child of God! So the next time someone asks if you’re on fleek, you can confidently say…if you’re talking about my FAITH in Jesus, then that’s always ON FLEEK!

Be blessed!