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I have been blessed to be in this radio industry going on 3 decades. When I look back on the many people I have had the opportunity to encounter, it is inspiring. I remember their stories, the wisdom they shared with me, the laughs we had on and off the air, and the inspiration they shared with my listeners. Whether celebrity recording artists, politicians. or just regular people with a phenomenal story, each I celebrate each experience. Now, I am able to share some of those experiences with you.

I encountered the legendary Kirk Franklin many times throughout my career. For me, he has consistently been an inspiration and provocative conversationalist; not to mention a complete goof ball that will have you laughing for hours. While I have many experiences with him I could share, this one is completely seared in my mind. He talks about the break he took from music during his early success to attend to home, his public victory over pornography, and if he could have anything what, exactly, he would want from God. I use his words in this classic interview, to remind me to have a lifestyle of balance and personal ministry over public acclaim. I am sure there is something powerful in it for you also. Enjoy.