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Article By Dianna Hobbs:: Writer of “Your Daily Cup of Inspiration”

How can you remain peaceful and full of hope when your whole world is going crazy? There is a way!

We are hit with a plethora of trials, difficult circumstances and temptations. Adversity comes at us from every angle, leaving us wondering whether we’re coming or going sometimes.

Family struggles, relationship issues, financial hardships, career setbacks, business failures, physical ailments, and the eventualities of life come to knock us down.

How in the world are we supposed to stand up under that kind of pressure, keep a smile on our faces, and stay in peace?

Even though it is implausible to the world, being joyous and calm in chaotic circumstances is far from impossible for Believers.

The reason we can relax when everything around us is going crazy, is because we know we have a Savior, a High Priest, a God who is on the throne and very much in control.

On our own, life is too much to handle, but with Him on our side, all things are possible.

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