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Ladies, we have ten ways to get you through the big game this Sunday. Whether you like football because of your significant other, or if you are a fan of your own; this list is sure to get you through the game!

Ok, so you’re not a huge fan of the sport.

You actually don’t even understand what the big deal is surrounding the Super Bowl. Well, all is not lost; fake it until you make it! Study ESPN as if there will be a pop quiz after the game. Study as if your life depends on it. After all, you want to have something to talk to your significant other about during the game. He’ll be impressed that you know what’s going on and you’ll enjoy the game more because you now know more about the rules.

You are a die-hard fan, but your partner isn’t.

Give him a quick rundown of the rules, put him on snack duty, and plan for a great game day. Everyone looks forward to the commercials, so sell him on the commercials if all else fails.

Up the ante! Play a naughty game of your own during the game.

Don a pair of vibrating panties and give your beau the remote. When his team scores, you score. That will surely make football more palatable. Just be sure to control your reactions. You wouldn’t want to have to explain your excitement about a Go Daddy commercial.

You like Cam Newton and your boyfriend is a die-hard Peyton Manning fan.

You don’t have to break up. Place a friendly wager on the game. Whether it’s a naughty bet to be fulfilled in the bedroom, or an actual bet involving spray cheese, a moose hat, and cowboy boots; the competition will be a fun addition to the biggest Sunday of the year.

You’d rather stare at the wall than watch a game you don’t understand.

And you have no intention of figuring out what makes this game such a big deal. All isn’t lost; the sport does involve men in tights. REPEAT: There will be several men in tight tights. So, fantasize! Don’t make your lust obvious of course, but there will be enough eye candy to make you forget that you had no interest in the Super Bowl.

Play sexy cheerleader and starting quarterback. This one is pretty simple.

You aren’t interested in who wins, who scores, or even watching the commercials; so, get a cute cheerleader costume and bring out your pom poms during commercial breaks. Come up with a routine. Why not go all out? Regardless of who wins, you are guaranteed to score!

Your boyfriend gets completely engrossed in the game and ignores you.

Let him have it. It is only one day of the year. Grin and bear it. That’s all to that one. Just deal with it. And then make him take you shoe shopping and to see the next chick flick. That should level the playing field.

Use the buddy system.

Bring one of your friends to the party or invite one over. Come up with a drinking game. Take a shot each time a team goes to the red zone or after each quarter. Hell, if you really find football hard to watch, simply make a strong drink and relax. Just remember to let your beau be and amuse yourself.

Find a cute jersey, ask someone to give you a crash course on the rules, and enjoy yourself!

Shared interests and experiences help build strong relationships. So, resist the urge to mope about being dragged to the Super Bowl party. If all else fails, I’m sure someone will make a killer seven layer dip. Everything is better after seven layer dip. It just is.

Don’t let the Super Bowl cause the demise of your relationship.

Things can get intense! Maybe you should resist the urge to break out your full team regalia, including the face paint. I’m also thinking you shouldn’t dab on ‘em every time Cam scores just because Cam does. No one likes a poor sport, so dial it down a notch or even several notches if you are already wearing your cleats as you read this list.

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